After Builders cleaning

After Builders cleaning

Home as a new after reconstruction.

It is really a pleasure to finally have a finished construction works or a completed reconstruction. But what is no longer pleasure – is the mess. Unwanted, but unfortunately always associated result of these activities. At Cleaning Services, we have many years of experience with “after builders cleaning” of all kinds. We cooperate with architects and builders. We also clean entire apartment buildings before approval. Your apartment or house after reconstruction will be put together by the left back.

Why to call us for your After Builders cleaning?

  • many years of experience and know-how
  • reliability and quality
  • experienced team
  • damage insurance

Otázky a odpovede

There are several options. The fastest way is to call directly the number +421 948808285, where you can check the availability of terms as well as price and book your term.

For bookings we also use our contact form, where we will contact you shortly after filling the basic data with short info.

And, of course, we also use a classic booking via e-mail, where you can provide us via basic information such as address and telephone contact with a short description of the property and what services you are interested in.

Yes, of course. Clients and also we as a company use it quite often. A common example is when we do in one apartment in addition to cleaning also window cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Everything depends on our agreement as well as client´s preferencies, time schedule and cleaning ladies available that time.

Final price of the cleaning always depends on the rate per hour and number of real spent hours in total.  (real spent hours in total means –  number of cleaning ladies  x number of spent hours of cleaning).

If 2 cleaning ladies spend 2 hours of cleaning the apartment (2×2), the final price will be 4 times the rate per hour (4 hours). That is set in three price levels. Basic rate per hour is 15 € including VAT for all the cleanings up to 3 hours. Silver rate – 13,5 € is used when your one-time cleaning takes 4 – 17 hours. Golden rate – 12 € per hour is used when your one-time cleaning takes 18 hours and more.

The minimum rate we charge for all services is 3 hours, whether the cleaning takes 3 hours or less. Therefore, the minimum price of any cleaning is 45 €.

You can find our complete prices clearly arranged in our price list and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find various specific examples and exact price calculations in our case studies.

Yes, you can. This option use clients, who have limited budget or they can do some part of the cleaning by themselves. Or we use this option because lack of time after our agreement.

For example, standard cleaning of a 3-bedroom apartment takes 4 hours with the price of 54 € (4 x 13,5). When we skip a complicated cleaning of the kitchen, that the housewife does by herself, we can get on 3 hours which means our minimum price of 45 € (3 x 15).

We will prepare and bring everything necessary for each agreed cleaning appointment. Except for the vacuum cleaner, our cleaning ladies have everything needed with them. From a bucket with mop, through all the possible cloths and sponges to all the cleaning detergents. You don’t need to care about anything, just about making the object accessible. We can also bring a vacuum cleaner, for an additional fee of 10 € one-time or 24 € per month.

Only for the required ironing, in addition to clothes for ironing, it is necessary to prepare an iron and ironing board, as we never carry them with us.