Help in your household

Help in your household

Ironing? Window cleaning? Our housewife will help you with what you need!

Do you need help at your household from time to time? Sometimes it´s standard cleaning, other times just ironing and vacuuming or window cleaning? Book a household help from us – our housewife – and she will help you with what you need. But the most important thing is, she saves your time.

Our housewife is something like your helping hand. She will do instead of you, what you just can´t manage. The diversity and scope of housework depends only on your requirements. You will always agree in advance or at the place what she will do at the agreed time. Our housewife can completely replace our standard cleaning service if the customer prefers a personal, so to speak, “homely” approach.

Advantages of our housewife

  • personal approach, kind of relationship building
  • tasks management according to your requirements and needs
  • time flexibility – by agreement
  • using of your prefered cleaning detergents
  • less stress and more time for you


Don’t you hate ironing too? Or there is just no time left for it? Do not worry, we are happy to iron:)

Our housewife can easily help you with it or one of our cleaning ladies during your standard cleaning appointment can do that. Regularly or once in a while, it´s up to you. All you have to do is to book it in advance and when the D-Day comes, prepare everything needed – an iron, an ironing board and, of course, the laundry that needs to be ironed.

Window cleaning

We will take care of your windows with everything that goes with it. This also means frames, indoor and outdoor window sills, interior or exterior blinds. We will bring everything with us, you don´t care about anything. All we need is access to running water. We will first take care of your interior or exterior blinds, which are usually really dusty, then we will clean and wipe outdoor and indoor frames and window sills, and finally we will clean and polish the windows themselves.

A simple time estimate that fits in most households is that indoor or outdoor blinds usually take as much time as the windows themselves. And together – windows + blinds – usually take as much time as the standard cleaning of the entire apartment. In apartments with a larger number of windows, glazing on loggias, or unmaintained blinds, the time is even higher.

In general, we always have to remember regarding windows that if the window is regularly maintained, at least twice a year, the resulting time will always be shorter than for windows that have not been cleaned for years. Not to mention really messy blinds with deposits of settled dust. In some cases, these can not only double but even triple the final time of window cleaning.

Otázky a odpovede

We use bank transfer after sending you an issued invoice as well as payment in cash or card payment after the cleaning.

The most common way how to pay is definitely bank transfer once per month after you received a final invoice for all the services provided during the month. We use payment in cash or card payment mainly for one-time clients or lower cleaning frequency or if the client explicitly prefes it.

Final price of the cleaning always depends on the rate per hour and number of real spent hours in total.  (real spent hours in total means –  number of cleaning ladies  x number of spent hours of cleaning).

If 2 cleaning ladies spend 2 hours of cleaning the apartment (2×2), the final price will be 4 times the rate per hour (4 hours). That is set in three price levels. Basic rate per hour is 15 € including VAT for all the cleanings up to 3 hours. Silver rate – 13,5 € is used when your one-time cleaning takes 4 – 17 hours. Golden rate – 12 € per hour is used when your one-time cleaning takes 18 hours and more.

The minimum rate we charge for all services is 3 hours, whether the cleaning takes 3 hours or less. Therefore, the minimum price of any cleaning is 45 €.

You can find our complete prices clearly arranged in our price list and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find various specific examples and exact price calculations in our case studies.

Yes, you can. This option use clients, who have limited budget or they can do some part of the cleaning by themselves. Or we use this option because lack of time after our agreement.

For example, standard cleaning of a 3-bedroom apartment takes 4 hours with the price of 54 € (4 x 13,5). When we skip a complicated cleaning of the kitchen, that the housewife does by herself, we can get on 3 hours which means our minimum price of 45 € (3 x 15).

We will prepare and bring everything necessary for each agreed cleaning appointment. Except for the vacuum cleaner, our cleaning ladies have everything needed with them. From a bucket with mop, through all the possible cloths and sponges to all the cleaning detergents. You don’t need to care about anything, just about making the object accessible. We can also bring a vacuum cleaner, for an additional fee of 10 € one-time or 24 € per month.

Only for the required ironing, in addition to clothes for ironing, it is necessary to prepare an iron and ironing board, as we never carry them with us.

We use years and experience-proven cleaning detergents of various brands. From every brand just that tried and effective ones.

We also offer eco-cleaning, where we replace our standard cleaning detergents with “eco” variants from the Frosh and Ecover brands. Some of them we even use for their high efficiency also in our standard cleaning.