Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

We clean the upholstery of everything we can.

We are ready to clean the upholstery of everything we can, exactly according to your requirements. Carpets and rugs, sofas of all kinds, upholstered chairs and armchairs or mattresses. In case of worse condition or significant spots, we will tell you the options in advance and you know what to expect. We use high-quality Kärcher upholstery cleaners and tried-and-tested cleaning chemistry.

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We use bank transfer after sending you an issued invoice as well as payment in cash or card payment after the cleaning.

The most common way how to pay is definitely bank transfer once per month after you received a final invoice for all the services provided during the month. We use payment in cash or card payment mainly for one-time clients or lower cleaning frequency or if the client explicitly prefes it.

Final price of the cleaning always depends on the rate per hour and number of real spent hours in total.  (real spent hours in total means –  number of cleaning ladies  x number of spent hours of cleaning).

If 2 cleaning ladies spend 2 hours of cleaning the apartment (2×2), the final price will be 4 times the rate per hour (4 hours). That is set in three price levels. Basic rate per hour is 15 € including VAT for all the cleanings up to 3 hours. Silver rate – 13,5 € is used when your one-time cleaning takes 4 – 17 hours. Golden rate – 12 € per hour is used when your one-time cleaning takes 18 hours and more.

The minimum rate we charge for all services is 3 hours, whether the cleaning takes 3 hours or less. Therefore, the minimum price of any cleaning is 45 €.

You can find our complete prices clearly arranged in our price list and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find various specific examples and exact price calculations in our case studies.