Height works

Height works

Inaccessible windows? No problem!

Whenever an apartment or house with inaccessible windows appears, we find a solution. In these cases we usually start with an inspection. Then we can see whether we manage such windows by our own with using ladders or we use an external company (climbers). Or a combination of both. In this case our team will clean all windows accessible from the inside and outside. And the remaining – inaccessible windows from the outside, which require protection – will be completed by climbers. We use our long-term cooperation with a company that brings together climbers for such purposes. And whose results we have already verified many times.

Otázky a odpovede

We use bank transfer after sending you an issued invoice as well as payment in cash or card payment after the cleaning.

The most common way how to pay is definitely bank transfer once per month after you received a final invoice for all the services provided during the month. We use payment in cash or card payment mainly for one-time clients or lower cleaning frequency or if the client explicitly prefes it.

Normally, we do the cleaning every working day between 8:00 and 16:00. Occasionaly, we will adjust this time slightly as needed, when it is necessary to start somewhere earlier or just finish something. We usually do not work on public holidays and weekends, but according to requirements and circumstances we can agree on these days as well.

Your term – the time of arrival is always agreed in advance and we also always try to keep it on both sides, so that we don´t deviate from our daily schedule.