Household cleaning

Household cleaning

We save your time, you return to a clean home.

Household cleaning is our core business. We have been dedicated to it since the very beginning – for more than 12 years. Our experience, know-how, responsible selection of employees and high standards in the quality of services provided is our big advantage. We are strongly pro-customer oriented, we are always able to agree with you, advise you and find a solution.

You will always find your household fresh and clean, whether it´s a one-time cleaning or regular service. We are here for you in case of an unexpected visit, or we will do a deep “general” cleaning once in a while, for which there is still no time. Regularly every week or every two weeks we will take care of your household as if it was our own on agreed time. If you are interested, we also do ironing, regularly clean the windows and according to the agreement we also meet various requirements beyond the scope of work.

Standard cleaning

Our standard cleaning is exactly what you do in your household when you want to have everything clean and have a time on it. For example, when the visit is about to come and you want your apartment to look easily good and tidy. The visit won´t be look into kitchen cabinets or open the drawers in the bathroom:) It is common dust cleaning and swiping down all the surfaces and mirrors throughout the home. It is common vacuum cleaning and floor cleaning. It is a clean bathroom and toilet and a kitchen with clean sink, stove and all kitchen surfaces. The day of the week when you have arranged your cleaning is your favorite, because you return to fresh and clean home and the saved time can be used for something completely different.

Deep cleaning

As the name suggests, deep cleaning simply goes deeper. That´s already come to the mother-in-law’s inspection visit:) And it means that all the cabinets and drawers are also opened, everything is taken out, cleaned from the inside and then is everything put back. Oven and microwave oven will be also cleaned from the inside and if the client requires it, fridge or freezer could be also cleaned like this. However, this cleaning is usually tailor-made and you decide what exactly you want to do also from the inside.

Why to entrust your household into our hands?

  • save your precious time
  • reliability and quality
  • responsible selection of employees
  • strong pro-customer orientation
  • cleaning stuff and detergents included in the price

A detailed checklist of all the cleaning work, which standard and deep cleaning includes, see clearly summarized in our Cleaning Checklist. But it is always true that we tailor our services to your household, according to your ideas and our agreement.