What do I get if someone else do the cleaning instead of me?

What do I get if someone else do the cleaning instead of me?

What do I get if someone else do the cleaning instead of me?

The answer is quite simple. TIME. And here we could end this blog. But let’s break it down. Here are a few lines for you who are still hesitate to entrust the cleaning of your household to someone else.

Let’s summarize a few facts about cleaning in our lives:

  • cleaning takes a lot of time
  • it need to be done regularly and over and over again
  • nobody likes it (OK, almost nobody:)
  • everyone likes tidiness (again, almost everyone:)

When we add to cleaning almost daily washing-up, washing, ironing, cooking or other housework according to preferences – we have one big, never-ending circle. We can call it a “home routine” that simply needs to be done. And you haven’t paid attention yet to the children, your husband, yourself…

And now imagine that one of the main tasks of this home routine will disappear. Of course, you will always have to clean the table, load the dishwasher or collect forgotten toys after the children. BUT, the main standard cleaning – that you normally cut into the pieces throughout the whole week – someone will do instead of you let´s say once a week “all-in-one”! And it´s done:) You come home, everything is tidy, fresh and clean. You got to check the bathroom first, as in the hotel – everything shines. There are no traces of all-week´s cooking and children’s fun in the kitchen. You put your things away and without remorse you unload your legs for at least 5 minutes. Science-fiction? No, reality dear ladies! This is how you feel when someone else do the cleaning instead of you.  

We need to add that regular cleaning by professionals will last you longer than if you, for lack of time, clean the floors once, then the kitchen and later the bathroom or terrace. It will last exactly as long as when you finally have a time and clean the whole apartment or house “all-in-one” as mentioned. And how often does that happen? Trully:)

And finally, if you are worried about who you let into the apartment or house, I can assure you that only who the owner of Cleaning Services would let in. And if you have worries or prejudices by chance about what someone think (for example, your mom or mother-in-law:), I guarantee you that it will pass you after the first cleaning!