Cleaning of a 4-bedroom maisonette

Cleaning of a 4-bedroom maisonette

Regular cleaning of a 4-bedroom maisonette

The Incredibles

 „The Incredibles“ is a 4-member family living in a beautiful maisonette in the superstructure of one of the Ružinov´s apartment buildings. The Incredibles family likes to spend their time together more pleasantly than doing cleaning, so we clean it regularly. Every Thursday, when parents are at work and children at school. During the period of home-offices and online teaching, we of course adapted the time and procedure of cleaning to the household regime.

In addition to 2 children’s rooms and a parents´s bedroom, the maisonette has a spacious living room connected to the kitchen, entrance hall and terrace. The apartment also also has 2 loggias and 2 bathrooms. As it is a spacious, modernly furnished apartment with a large amount of glass and stainless steel, the length of regular cleaning will therefore stretch a bit. With a little practice and know-how, the total time of regular cleaning has stabilized at 6 hours.

Cleaning of loggias and terrace is done extra at regular intervals according to the agreement with the client and according to the required depth of cleaning takes 1-2 hours. Window cleaning in this apartment takes much longer time than cleaning itself, as these windows are not only large and there are many of them, but they also have robust exterior blinds. It is usually done twice a year, as in most of our households.

The Incredibles are charched our golden rate of 12 €, because they use our 50-hour prepayment and their reagular cleaning took 6 hours. Otherwise, without prepayment, they would be charged our silver rate – 13,5 €.

Why to book with us?

In addition to saving your precious time, you will appreciate:

  • reliability and quality,
  • responsible selection of employees,
  • many years of experience and know-how,
  • tailor-made service,
  • pro-customer orientation – we are still here for you,
  • cleaning detergents and equipments included in the price.

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